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Current and recent items in the shop

Here is what is up in the shop... Some pictures can be clicked for larger versions.
Turned and carved spiral replacement balusters
How can you make sharpening less tedious and dare I say it, even fun???

A good place to start is with a little help from our friends in Fort Smith
This is not my chair but here is a shout out to Rick R in Indiana who has purchased spindle and bow blanks for 4 side chairs, two continuous arm chairs and a settee. These are his first Windsors and he made them on his own with help from Drew Langsner and some "on-line" consulting from No-Wood-Unturned
Ricky R's Continuous Arm Chair

Replacement spindles
No longer in the shop, but here you can see the trophy base from below.


A happy guy!
The last of the spindle blanks from the last half of the last log.
The first show I have done - Art in the Park. Received Honorable Mention.
Replacement balusters... quite delicate
Final assemblies of candle holders
Outside shapes done on the PCPC church order
Laminated Osolnik style candlesticks, spalted candlestick (and you can see some bottle stoppers in the background)
New candle tops to hold oil candles and globes. Partly completed.
Trophy base made from ebony - segmented style. Click here for more on this.
Curly maple platter with walnut (12" diameter)
Sunday, August, 21 - New raw materials; walnut and crab apple
Monday, August, 15 - Professional Windsor comfort tester
Framing, sheeting and a big improvement over sliding patio doors
Tuesday, August 10

Birdhouse ornament lid blanks, and two turned boxes
Friday, August 5

How do you taper a board 1/2" over 7 feet?

One way is to build a ramp...
...then plane in the taper. Worked like a champ.
Hopefully this repair helped keep Shawn out of the doghouse! Replaced 3 spindles and repaired bow.
Most recent addition to product line. This style chair features turned, natural cherry spindles. Chair also features New York style turnings which are similar to the double baluster turnings but are more bulbous. The contrast between the natural cherry and the black over red paint is striking in my biased opinion.
kids chair New product this summer - kids chair, sack back style. Very cute!

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