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Common Windsor Chair Styles

sack back The Sack Back chair is a very durable, rugged, and yet comfortable chair. The top of the chair that receives the spindle ends is called the bow. continuous arm The Continuous Arm chair, so named because of the double bends in the back which turn into the arms/hands
bow back side chair Braced bow back side chair. Note the bracing spindles. fan back side chair Fan Back side chair. Fan backs are so named due to the long stiles on each side of the chair that support the crest.
Philadelphia High Back High Back Arm Chair. This is sometimes called a Philadelphia style because of the style and the turnings. Nantucket Fan Back Fan Back Arm Chair. Its a fan back because of the two stiles, but also has arms.
setee Setee. Sort of a Windsor couch. writing arm chair Writing Arm chair. A specialty chair that incorporates a writing surface. In some cases also includes one or two drawers.

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