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Custom Furniture

Custom furniture pieces

The product galleries show various pieces that I really like and can reproduce very efficiently. The galleries should not, however, be considered a bound to the types of furniture I can and will produce. Contact me to discuss specific reproductions you may be interested in having made, or particular chair styles that interest you. Pricing will be worked out depending on a number of factors such how similar the piece is to an existing piece, how much design work is involved, whether I am interested in adding the piece to my gallery, and whether you mind having the piece added to my gallery or if you prefer it to remain more unique.

Portfolio of past woodworking and furniture projects

This portfolio shows some of the other furniture projects I have made. Many of these were undertaken when I viewed woodworking as a hobby. Some of the projects were designed by me, others were inspired by plans in various magazines and books.

Specific example of making piece from picture

cabinet from a cabinet picture Not that this is a very complex piece of furniture, but it it interesting in some ways. The inset of this picture shows the original email picture I received commissioning this piece. The women's friend had the piece in the photo, and she wanted one "just like it." The piece was roughly scaled by taking relative measurements from the photo.

Click on the picture for a larger view

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