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Gallery of Turned Wooden Boxes

These turned wooden boxes are all handmade and unique. They can be used as a conversation piece, for storage, jewelry boxes, boxes for giving special gifts or many other purposes. People really enjoy handling them because they feel good and they are smooth and fun to play with. The boxes are made from a variety of kinds of wood and are generally finished with wax on their insides and a shellac based friction polish on the outside.

The lids all slip over a flange on the bases. Although seasonal movements of wood can affect the fit of the lids, care has been taken to season the wood used for these boxes to reduce changes that can affect the fit of the lid. Three classes of fit can be applied to the boxes:

Some of the boxes are decorated with chatterwork... a pattern of decorative ridges. See an example of chatterwork here.

These boxes can be ordered online using PayPal. If you use PayPal, shipping and tax (for Pennsylvania residents) will be added during the checkout process. If you prefer not to use PayPal, contact me with the number of the box that interests you. I'll make up an invoice that can be paid via money order or check.

Click on one of the thumbnail images below to get details about that box or click here to step through the gallery.


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