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Statement of Philosophy for No Wood Unturned

No Wood Unturned is committed to producing products that embody both beauty and fine quality craftsmanship while remaining fully functional and highly durable. These heirloom quality pieces are constructed by exploiting design principles and assembly techniques that have evolved over the centuries. At the same time, where modern materials and tools can be employed to improve a product or assembly process, they are warmly embraced - much as they have been by craftsmen of previous generations. The key is to understand all available options to allow selection of the optimum choice, and where a traditional technique is best, possessing the necessary skill to use that technique.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a Windsor chair, a table, a custom piece of furniture, or other lathe turning; or, if you are interested simply in learning more about Windsor chairs and their construction methods; or, if you are a fellow woodworker or woodturner, hopefully this site will have something that interests you.

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