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Milk Paint Products

Barn Red

No Wood Unturned is please to offer for sale milk paint from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company

Please note the following prices reflect recent price increases from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company which I must pass on. Prices for the paints are $8.75 per pint and $17.00 per quart plus shipping. Tax is also added for Pennsylvania residents.

To order milk paint directly from the web site, click on the buttons next to the colors you want. They will be added to a shopping cart. My payment processor is PayPal. Recently, PayPal improved its processes so that you can make a credit card payment without being required to become registered with PayPal.

If you prefer to order directly from me, you can contact me or email me and I will calculate a total for you. You can then pay with a money order or with a check. Shipments of orders paid by check will be delayed until the check clears.

Paints are usually in stock and will ship within 48 hours of receiving the order. However, my first priority is to be able to offer these paints at low prices, so if I am out of stock on an item, shipping might be delayed for as long as one week. If you are concerned about getting your order in a hurry, you can contact me to check the stock status.

In addition to the paints themselves, I also offer Extra Bond. Extra Bond is an additive that improves paint adhesion over difficult surfaces. I add it to the first coat of paint on chairs to help the paint adhere to the sugar maple legs. Other chairmakers I know don't use it and don't have a problem, but I figure that it is cheap insurance and so I use it.

Both the Extra Bond and the Antique Crackle Finish are liquid and therefore slightly more expensive to ship than the paints. Prices are as follows: Extra Bond Pints - $8.75, Extra Bond Quarts - $17.00

The colors represented in the chart are only as accurate as the methods that have been used to reproduce them and as the adjustments on your monitor. If the color is critical to you, you can order a color chart for $1.00, or a chart will be included free of charge with any order. (Don't order one if you order something else)

For more information on these products, check out the product information page at the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company
View examples of antiqued milk paint finish on my chairs.

Salem Red


Marigold Yellow


Bayberry Green

Tavern Green

Lexington Green

Sea Green

Federal Blue

Soldier Blue


Pitch Black


Oyster White

Snow White
Extra Bond

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