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Windsor Chair Options

The following two photographs show the available carving options:

Carved Crest
Carved Knuckle

The following table shows examples of the antique finish option:

Example of the antiqued finish on a sack back hand. In this case it is Pitch Black over Barn Red

Example of the antique finish on a sack back seat, in this case Pitch Black over Barn Red

Example of the antique finish. This is an example of lots of wear-through. Colors are Pitch Black over Mustard Yellow over Barn Red

Another example of an antique finish, although with a more modern color scheme. This is Tavern Green (brighter) over Lexington Green over Mustard Yellow

Here is a chart showing all the available milk paint colors.

An example of chairs that are unfinished or in chairmaking lingo "in the white". Chairs in this state have been rough sanded, but still require final sanding prior to finishing:

Turning Styles

Turning styles available for Windsor Chairs at No Wood Unturned. Each picture shows a picture of a leg, a stump, and a center stretcher.
Photo Description
Rhode Island Style Rhode Island style turnings. These are my favorite style turnings. The style is somewhat bulbous but not overly so. To me they provide a somewhat formal, colonial look.
New England Style New England style turnings. These are similar to the the Rhode Island style turnings but are basically straight at the bottom segment. They appear a bit less bulbous and a tiny bit less colonial.
Vase Style Turning Vase Style turnings. The vase style turnings are not historically prominant but are a look that I like. To me they look slightly more modern. Drew Langsner shows these turnings in his book on chairmaking. These should probably be avoided if you are interested in historically accurate chairs.
Bamboo or Double Bobbin Double Bobbin or Bamboo style turnings. The bamboo style came into favor later in the Windsor Chair era. The style not only reflects an interest in Far East styles, but also the parts were less expensive to produce. To me this style looks more modern than other styles and is a bit cleaner looking.
Ball Foot Ball Foot style turnings. At the opposit end of the spectrum from the Bamboo turnings, the Ball Foot style turnings are from the earlier portion of the Windsor chair era and represent the most formal looking style.

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