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Windsor Chair Pricing Explanation

The base price for each chair does not include carved knuckles or crest carving. Knuckles with carving can be added to most of the arm chairs. Crest carving can only be added to chairs with crests.

The standard finish includes two coats of milk paint which is lightly rubbed out followed by two coats of hand-rubbed oil.

Basic Chair Additions Subtractions
Style Base Price Crest Carving Knuckle Carving Antique Finish Unfinished Free shipping1
Sack Back call n/a $75 $50 -$100 -
Braced Continuous Arm discontinued n/a $75 $50 -$100 -
Braced Bow Back Side call n/a n/a $50 -$100 -
Comb Back discontinued $50 $75 $50 -$100 -
High Back Arm Chair - Philadelphia Style call $50 $75 $50 -$100 -
Braced Fan Back Arm Chair call $50 $75 $50 -$100 -
Writing Arm discontinued $50 $75 $50 -$100 -

1 The free shipping promotion has beed discontinued

So for some examples:

Prices do not include shipping. Smaller chairs (sack back, continuous arm, bow back) will ship for approximately $50. Larger chairs will need to ship as freight and will be more expensive. Chair purchases within 50 miles of Pittsburgh will be delivered free of charge.

Windsor Chair Ordering Information

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, you should plan to come to my shop and see examples of many of these chairs in person. Please email me or contact me and make an appointment so I'll be around.

The steps I recommend in preparing to order a Windsor chair:
  1. Become familiar with various chair styles and options
  2. Select a style or styles
  3. Determine whether a standard chair will be satisfactory or if you may be interested in a specially designed chair
  4. For custom chairs, contact me to make arrangements to further explore your requirements
  5. For standard chairs, decide on whether to include available options and decide on the style of turnings you prefer.
  6. Make final color and finish selections.
  7. Review this chart to understand how your chair(s) will be priced.
  8. Plan to make a deposit of 30% of total cost to lock in a spot on the production schedule
  9. Email me or contact me to make payment arrangements.

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